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  • Description Languages - HDL 136 questions Hardware Description Languages (HDL) are programming languages that describe the structure and behavior of electronic circuits.
    • Verilog 60 questions One of the most popular HDLs, created in 1984, and standardized as IEEE 1364.
    • VHDL 76 questions One of the most popular HDLs, created in 1980s, and standardized as IEEE 1076. It's acronym stands for: Very High Speed Integrated Circuit Hardware Description Language.
    • PYNQ 0 questions Leverages the Python software language to help design with the Xilinx Zynq SoCs.
    • MyHDL 0 questions A Python based language that helps converting to VHDL and Verilog.
    • AHDL 0 questions Altera's proprietary language.
    • Other 0 questions
  • Verification Languages - HVL 0 questions Programming languages used to verify designs that are written in hardware description languages.
  • Simulation Tools 0 questions Software tools used to implement simulation of designs coded with HDL and simulations coded with HVL.
  • Scripting 0 questions Languages and tools used in the process of making and simulating digital designs.
  • Hardware 0 questions Hardware level discussion, ie flip flops, gates, clock design, interfaces, chips, etc.
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